How you can pronounce this like a native English speaker

Here are three activities you can do with this sample of spoken English:

  1. Watch the “pronunciation analysis” video under the text to learn how to say it fast
  2. Use the “shadowing” video to listen and repeat each phrase
  3. Try to read aloud at the same time as me, matching my speed, rhythm, and pronunciation as closely as you can

Listen to the text (fast speed):

What’s the best way to study English if you’re busy and you don’t have a lot of time? Well, remember that being consistent – that means working on your English frequently and regularly – is actually more important than trying to spend hours and hours studying.

Most of us don’t have long periods of free time – so don’t wait until you can clear your schedule. Instead, just make it your goal to spend 15 minutes a day finishing one short activity.

You could read the news in English while eating breakfast, or listen to an English podcast while you’re driving or exercising, or do a worksheet during your lunch break. If you make these short study periods part of your daily routine, you’ll start seeing your English improve over time!

1. Pronunciation analysis:

YouTube video

2. Shadowing practice:

I pause after each phrase so that you can repeat it.

3. Try to say it together with me (no pauses):


If you have a strong foreign accent, it will be hard for other people to understand you. It can cause misunderstandings, and this can make you lose confidence in your speaking.

But if your pronunciation and intonation are similar to those of a native English speaker, you’ll sound more fluent – and you won’t be shy about speaking!

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How you can pronounce this like a native English speaker Espresso English

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