Inseparable Phrasal Verbs in English

Here’s a list of 15 inseparable phrasal verbs in English, with example sentences.

Phrasal Verb


Example Sentence
back out of (something)

fail to keep a commitment

The client backed out of the deal at the last minute.
come across (something)

find accidentally

While cleaning the house, I came across a check I had forgotten to deposit.
count on (something / someone)

depend on, rely on

I’m counting on you to send me the information by the end of the day – I need it as soon as possible.
fill in for (someone)

substitute for

The president of the company is traveling, so the vice-president is filling in for him at the meeting.
get rid of (something)

eliminate, throw away

We have rats in the house – we need to call the exterminator to get rid of them.
go over (something)


Before the test, let’s go over the topic of phrasal verbs.
look after (something / someone)

take care of

I can’t go out tonight because I’m looking after my sister’s children.
look forward to (something)

feel happy/excited about something in the future

I’m really looking forward to our family vacation in Florida – it’s going to be awesome!
look into (something)


I’m looking into the possibility of taking an intensive English course in Australia next year.
put up with (something / someone)

tolerate something/someone unpleasant

One of my colleagues is not very nice, but we put up with him because he does excellent work.
run into (someone)

meet unexpectedly

I ran into my ex-boyfriend at the supermarket – that was an unpleasant surprise.
settle on (something)

decide on, choose

I was debating what type of fitness class to take, and I finally settled on yoga.
take after (someone)

resemble in looks or personality

She’s very friendly and extroverted – she takes after her mother.
touch on (something)

mention briefly during a speech or discussion

We touched on the issue of employee satisfaction during the meeting, but we didn’t go into much detail.
turn into (something)


The caterpillar turned into a butterfly.

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