Learn 10 English Vocabulary words starting with “F”

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We’ve just started the month of February, and I realized it’s been a long time since I did an English vocabulary lesson with pictures – so in today’s video, you’re going to learn 10 English vocabulary words all starting with the letter F.

In addition to learning what these words mean, you can also practice pronouncing them by repeating the words after me.

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OK, here we go – 10 English vocabulary words beginning with the letter F:


A factory is a place that makes or manufactures products. It is usually large and full of machines.


Birds have feathers covering their bodies.


When your body temperature is elevated, you have a fever.


Many countries set off colorful fireworks to celebrate holidays and events.


This specific style of sandals is known as flip-flops


A flood is when too much water enters a place where it is not supposed to be. Flood is the noun form; you could also say the street is flooded or the house is flooded.


Foam refers to the bubbles often found on top of a drink, or in the ocean.


The part of your head above your eyes but below your hair is called your forehead.


Freckles are a bunch of small dark spots that some people have on their faces.


A frying pan is a flat pan used to cook things on top of the stove.


That’s just a small sampling of the many English words we have, starting with F. Again, you can continue learning English vocabulary inside my Vocabulary Builder Courses.

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