Learn English with the English Train App

Learn English with the English Train App Espresso EnglishAre you looking for a fun and easy way to learn English on your smartphone or tablet? Check out English Train, the new English-learning app from Kaplan International Colleges.

This free app helps you learn new vocabulary words in the categories of animals, technology, and food and drink. Each English word is accompanied by an image and an audio description.

You can test your English vocabulary skills by riding the fast-paced English Train, where you must match each word with the corresponding image before the train reaches the next station.

After each round, you can review any corrections – and if you’d like to share your new English vocabulary skills with the world, you can post your score to Facebook and the Global Leaderboard.

English Train is an ideal way for students of all ages to increase their English vocabulary. Start learning English with Kaplan today – download the English Train app from the App Store.

Learn English with the English Train App Espresso English


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