Learn English Words With Pictures: Natural Disasters

Improve your vocabulary and practice your pronunciation with these 12 English words for natural disasters.


English Words - Hurricane

A hurricane is a large, circular storm with strong winds.


English Words - Tornado

A tornado is extremely strong winds concentrated in one area.


English Words - Lightning

When the lightning touches a building, tree, car, or person, we say they have been “struck” by lightning.

forest fire

English Words - Forest Fire


English Words - Earthquake

In an earthquake, the ground shakes and cracks. Buildings that are not designed to survive earthquakes are often destroyed.


English Words - Flood

A flood occurs when it rains a lot, and the water in a river gets so high that it overflows the riverbanks and invades surrounding areas.


English Words - Tsunami

In a tsunami, the water from the ocean comes in and covers the land. Tsunamis are caused by an earthquake in the middle of the ocean.


English Words - Drought

A drought is when there is not enough water because it hasn’t rained for a long time.


English Words - Blizzard

A blizzard is a very strong snowstorm.


English Words - Avalanche

An avalanche is when a lot of snow falls down the side of a mountain.

landslide / mudslide

English Words - Landslide

A landslide (or mudslide) is when soil, rocks, and/or mud falls down the side of a hill or mountain.

volcanic eruption

Learn English Words - Volcano

When the volcano explodes, the event is called a “volcanic eruption”

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