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Understand conversations better, learn the expressions native speakers use, and speak more fluently.

Speaking Course Level 2: $45

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If you’re an upper-intermediate or advanced student, you might feel like you have a decent understanding of English, and you can communicate in practical situations… but sometimes when you hear two native English speakers talking, you have little to no idea what they’re saying!

Not only are they talking fast, but they’re using all sorts of expressions you’ve never heard before:

  • phrasal verbs like wiped out, tone down, and barge into;
  • slang words like diss, lame, and killer;
  • and idioms like “work out the kinks” and “grin and bear it.

depressedWhat kind of English is this? You might almost feel like they’re speaking a different language! Suddenly you start to lose confidence and feel like you really don’t know English very well after all.

Informal spoken English – like the kind you hear in movies and native speakers’ conversations – is full of expressions that English textbooks often don’t teach.

So how can you learn these expressions WITHOUT getting confused and lost in the conversation?

This course is designed to help you!


The Everyday English Speaking Course – Level 2 has more advanced conversations that are full of common informal expressions used by native English speakers. It teaches you the phrases in context so that you’ll be able to remember and use them – and become more fluent in English as a result.

Here’s how each lesson works:

1) Listen to the conversation while trying to answer comprehension questions. This is difficult, but it’s very important to develop the skill of being able to understand the main details, even if you don’t understand every word yet.


2) Watch/read/listen to my explanation. I’ll teach you all the new words and expressions in the context of the conversation.


3) Next, try the vocabulary exercise to review and practice the expressions you’ve learned.


4) Finally, one of the most valuable parts of each lesson is the opportunity for you to send in a recording of your speaking and get feedback and correction.


This method prioritizes ACTIVE learning – you’re not just passively listening to me tell you about the English language, you’re actively putting it into practice. Active learning like this is the best way to improve your English skills for life!

Level 2 of the Everyday English Speaking Course includes:

  • 45 text, audio, and video lessons
  • Teacher feedback on short answers and speaking exercises

After you buy the course, you’ll have instant and permanent access to the lessons.

(There’s no time limit for finishing).

Lesson List

Lesson 1: Double Trouble

Lesson 2: Which Restaurant?

Lesson 3: Starting a New Sport

Lesson 4: The Chance of a Lifetime

Lesson 5: A Diet Dilemma

Lesson 6: A Perfect Puppy

Lesson 7: Considering a Career Change

Lesson 8: A Brand-New Smartphone

Lesson 9: Starting a Business

Lesson 10: At the Amusement Park

Lesson 11: Why Aren’t You On Time?

Lesson 12: Meeting New People

Lesson 13: A Complicated Coffee Order

Lesson 14: Previous Jobs

Lesson 15: Where Are You Spending The Holiday?

Lesson 16: Staying At A Hotel

Lesson 17: A Mysterious Movie

Lesson 18: Childhood

Lesson 19: The Times Are Changing

Lesson 20: An Embarrassing Moment

Lesson 21: Leadership

Lesson 22: Ethical Marketing

Lesson 23: Getting A Raise

Lesson 24: Language Learning

Lesson 25: An Inspiring Teacher

Lesson 26: A Great Vacation

Lesson 27: Bad Habits

Lesson 28: Wealth And Poverty

Lesson 29: Ready For An Adventure?

Lesson 30: Losing Your Temper

Lesson 31: Aging

Lesson 32: Inventing Something New

Lesson 33: A Looming Deadline

Lesson 34: The Accident

Lesson 35: A Bit of Gossip

Lesson 36: Immigration Debate

Lesson 37: Different Tastes

Lesson 38: Health Problems

Lesson 39: Music Lessons

Lesson 40: Regret

Lesson 41: Dealing With Teenagers

Lesson 42: Discussing The News

Lesson 43: Surprise!

Lesson 44: An Argument

Lesson 45: Cooking

Free Samples

Lesson 15: Where are you spending the holiday?

Lesson 42: Talking about the news

Frequently Asked Questions

What Level Is This Course?

This course is great for students who are upper-intermediate and advanced… if you are intermediate, you can still join if you’re willing to take on a challenge!

If you meet one or more of these qualifications, the course is good for you:

  • You’ve studied English for more than 3 years
  • You’re at B2 level or above
  • You’ve finished Everyday English Speaking Level 1 and are ready for some more difficult conversations that are full of informal expressions

What Topics Am I Going To Learn?

The conversations cover a wide variety of topics – from work and school to family, fun, health and sports, and more. The variety in the lessons will help you learn hundreds of different expressions that are used in many situations in everyday life. If you want to see the lesson list in more detail, you can click here.

How Long Is The Course? What Do I Get?

When you register, you’ll get instant online access to 45 lessons.

There’s NO TIME LIMIT, so you can study as fast or as slow as you want! And of course, you can always e-mail me if you have any questions about the lessons. I’m here to help.

Can I See A Free Sample Lesson?

Yes! Here are two free samples: Lesson 15 and Lesson 42

How Do I Get Your Feedback On My Speaking?

Each lesson ends with a “Speaking task” – it’s a question that you should answer by speaking out loud. You can record your speaking using your computer or smartphone, or online through the link in the lesson.

Then, send me your MP3 recording and I’ll listen to it and reply with comments and corrections on your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

How Can I Pay? Is It Safe?

You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal (a safe system for online payments). The connection for the payment is secure; it protects your information.

If you live in Brazil, you can also pay by Banco do Brasil deposit – just ask me for the account details.

Got A Different Question?

Just contact me and I’m happy to help.

Are you ready to make your spoken English more fluent?

Sign up for the Everyday English Speaking Course – Level 2 and start learning conversational English today!

(Or you can get this course inside the Espresso English Academy, with a 50% discount on 600+ lessons!)