Listening mistake #1 – Audios that are too easy or too hard

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Maybe you practice listening sometimes, but you don’t feel like you’re improving.

What’s wrong?

Maybe you’re making one of five common mistakes when listening!

Today I’ll tell you about the first one…

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Listening mistake #1 - Audios that are too easy or too hard Espresso English

Listening Mistake #1 is listening to audios that are too easy or too hard

In some audio lessons designed for English learners, the speakers talk suuuuuuuper sloooooowly. Or they only use extremely simple vocabulary.

If you practice listening to audio like this, you’ll understand almost everything. This can make you feel good at the time… but later, when you listen to natural spoken English, it will be very difficult!

On the other hand, if you try listening to audios that are too fast or too advanced, you’ll understand very little – for example, less than 25%. This can make you get frustrated and bored, and then it’s easy to give up and stop trying.

In order to get the best results in improving your listening, you should use audios that are challenging but not impossible – like the ones in my Listening Course!

With my classroom students, I use audios that they are likely to understand 50-70%. This means they can still understand and follow the speaker, but there’s also room to improve their comprehension through repetition and listening exercises.

The audio lessons in my Listening Course are designed to be at a level that is in the middle – not too easy, and not too difficult.

The vocabulary ranges from intermediate to upper-intermediate; it is not artificially “simplified.”

And the audios are available at two speeds, one slightly slower and the other slightly faster. This way you can choose which version will help you improve the most.

Try the free sample lessons:

So my tip for today is to train your listening using material that is challenging but not impossible. Keep that in mind when you practice! And again, you can get great listening practice inside my course, which is on sale for 50% off until Friday.

Thanks for watching, and keep an eye on your e-mail for tomorrow’s tip.