Listening Mistake #4 – Giving up too early

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Hi students! Today I’m going to tell you about the 4th common listening mistake.

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Listening Mistake #4 - Giving up too early Espresso English

Listening Mistake #4 – Giving up too early

Many students practice listening like this…

  1. Listen to an audio once and understand about 50%
  2. Think “I’m not very good at listening” and stop practicing

That’s missing out on a huge opportunity!

When you listen for the very first time, it’s normal not to understand everything.

But if you stop after just ONE try, you’re making a big mistake – because when you listen to the same audio multiple times, you’ll understand more and more each time.

Now that you’re familiar with about 50% of the audio, you have that understanding as a base, a foundation. So the second time you listen, you’ll pick up a little bit more and increase your understanding to 60%. Listening a third and fourth time can boost your understanding to 80% or higher, which is really good.

That’s why my Listening Course has you listen to each lesson at least four times:

  • Once to understand the general idea
  • Once to understand specific details
  • Once to understand specific words
  • Once with the complete transcript

Could you imagine an athlete training for the Olympics, who tries to do an exercise ONCE and then gives up, saying it’s too hard? That would be crazy! He or she would never improve, and certainly wouldn’t make it to the Olympics.

In the same way, you need patience, persistence, and repetition to improve your listening abilities.

What are the results of practicing persistently – especially with the lessons in the Listening Course?

Here’s what Roman said about his experience:

“I think that the structure of the listening lessons is amazing. Basic vocabulary first, then to catch more and more details and finally to learn the remaining vocabulary.

The texts are interesting – it is easy to study if I enjoy listening to these interesting topics. I feel more and more confident in listening. The proof is in daily communication with native speakers.”

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