American English Pronunciation + Shadowing with Shayna

Pronunciation and Shadowing Courses
Listen and repeat after me to improve your pronunciation and speak English more clearly, confidently, and correctly!
60 lessons (video + audio + text)
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What students say:

"I like listening to your explanation and then to repeat! My pronunciation improved a lot. I recorded myself and so I could hear it! I was proud of myself!"
- Susanne
"The American English Pronunciation Course was exactly what I needed. My pronunciation improved fast, my English is much better and I'm feeling more confident. Everybody noticed my performance."
- Marcia
"I liked the sounds of letters and I practiced. I loved this course because it helped me pronounce the words and stress and syllables."
- Nazia
"I enjoy your Pronunciation Course. For me it's convenient that every lesson takes approximately 10 minutes and I like the structure of the lessons."
- Tatyana