Advanced English Grammar Course

Advanced Grammar Course
Master the advanced details of the English language, and take your English from "good" to great!
45 lessons (video + text + audio): $45

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What students say:

"This is the best English course I've ever taken! The explanations in all lessons are very clear and detailed. Besides, I got to know the mistakes that non-native English speakers commonly make. I love it very much!"
- Foong
"I've enjoyed the course very much!! You explain everything very clearly and provide great examples that simplify everything. The quizzes were very helpful for reviewing, for practicing and for better understanding."
- Ronit
"I liked your very clear explanations, and lots of exercises for practice. It is very well structured and each lesson is not too long and not too short - just exactly what I would call a perfect lesson length. Lots of examples in each lesson are very helpful and make it easier to understand and learn."
- Irina