Ngl meaning in text messages and chats

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What does ngl mean, and when do we use it? That’s our question of the day!

In online conversations and text messages, you’ll often see ngl, meaning “not gonna lie.”

It’s used to show that we’re saying our honest and true opinion, without modifying it to make it more acceptable to other people.

We use ngl:

To express criticism, a complaint, or a negative opinion:

  • Ngl that haircut looks terrible.
  • You really upset me ngl.
  • Ngl, I wasn’t a fan of the movie.

To admit something possibly embarrassing:

  • Ngl, I’ve been procrastinating all day
  • I just ate a whole package of Oreos ngl.

To emphasize that what we’re saying is sincere:

  • Your artwork is really impressive ngl.
  • Ngl this was the best party of the year.

Ngl meaning in text messages and chats Espresso EnglishNgl is internet slang – we can use it in text messages, in chats, on Instagram or Facebook or in other social media – but never in more formal written English.

Now you know the meaning of ngl and you’ve seen a few examples!

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Ngl meaning in text messages and chats Espresso English