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    Here are four examples of typical e-mails you might be responding to in this job. Please take a few minutes to type an answer to each one, replying as if you were responding to a real student. Thank you!
  • "Hi! I don't understand the first conditional, how to make it and when to use it. Can you please explain?" - Carlos
  • "I'm thinking about taking your Vocabulary Builder Course, but I have some questions. How many words will I learn? What do the lessons include? Also I don't know if I should join Level 1 or Level 2. " - Ana
  • "I really love to visit different countries to know about their culture. unfortunately, I didn't chance to travel a lot, but I have visited some cities like Vancouver, Istanbul in Turkey, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Yerevan in Armenia. All of them were so pretty with different cultures and foods; For example, the Armenian had a kind of bread called Gata, it was one the most delicious bread that I've ever had. This summer we went to Branson. It was so fun, especially for kids. We visited different places, between them, the Titanic museum was my favorite. We went to Silver Dollar City and the water park. In Silver dollar City, we rode a roller coaster that was very horrible. I had never been riding a roller coaster, These days I have been reading a book in English, Concrete Rose. I have not finished it yet. I have read more than half of the book. It has been interesting so far since I could learn about the culture of the country that I am living in it. But I can say it is not my type. It is not the book that I enjoy reading it but it is fine. 😉 After that, I like to start another book. I appreciate it if you offer me a nice book that helps my English too." - Sara
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