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Has this ever happened to you – someone asks you a question in English, and you don’t understand it at ALL?

It can be frustrating and embarrassing when you don’t understand a question… but this video will help! One reason for the difficulty is the pronunciation changes that often occur at the beginning of questions in English.

Let me show you some examples.

Do you >> D’ya

  • Do you like spaghetti?
  • D’ya like spaghetti?

Are you >> Arya

  • Are you at work right now?
  • Aryat work right now?

Can you >> Kinya

  • Can you give me a ride?
  • Kinya give me a ride?
    In this question, the words “give me” also sound like “gimme”

These pronunciation changes also happen when the question starts with a question word:

What do you think?
Whaddaya think?

How are you feeling today?
Howareya feelin’ today?

When can you call me?
When kinya call me?

Pronunciation changes after Did, Would, and Could

Did you >> Didja

  • Did you finish the book?
  • Didja finish the book?

Would you >> Wouldja

  • Would you like anything to drink?
  • Wouldja like anything to drink?

Could you >> Couldja

  • Could you close the window?
  • Couldja close the window?

Knowing about these pronunciation changes can help you understand questions in English better, because you won’t be surprised by the difference in the sounds of the words.

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