Pronunciation Practice: 5-Syllable Words in English

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Are you ready to practice your pronunciation with some longer words? The ones we’ll practice today all have 5 syllables – like the word vocabulary: vo-CA-bu-la-ry, with the stress on CA.

I’ll say each word twice – once a little more slowly with some separation between the syllables, and then once at normal speed, and I’d like you to repeat after me both times.

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Pronunciation Practice: 5-Syllable Words in English Espresso English

5-syllable words in English

e-lec-TRI-ci-ty: electricity

pe-di-a-TRI-cian: pediatrician

un-be-LIE-va-ble: unbelievable

dis-cri-mi-NA-tion: discrimination

in-di-VI-du-al: individual

in-TIM-i-da-ting: intimidating

glo-ba-li-ZA-tion: globalization

ge-ner-OS-i-ty: generosity

ac-ci-DEN-tal-ly: accidentally

in-sig-NIF-i-cant: insignificant

spon-tan-E-i-ty: spontaneity

con-TIN-u-ous-ly: continuously

ex-PLAN-a-to-ry: explanatory

tech-no-LOG-i-cal: technological

pre-LIM-i-na-ry: preliminary

dif-fer-EN-ti-ate: differentiate

phar-ma-CEU-ti-cal: pharmaceutical

en-tre-pre-NEUR-ship: entrepreneurship

re-pre-SEN-ta-tive: representative

so-PHIS-ti-ca-ted: sophisticated

If you’re not sure what some of those words meant, you can just look them up in the dictionary – the purpose of today’s lesson was just to learn how to pronounce them. I recommend doing this video one or two more times so you can practice more.

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Pronunciation Practice: 5-Syllable Words in English Espresso English

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