Pronunciation Practice with Phonograms – Part 1

Pronunciation Practice with Phonograms - Part 1 Espresso English

Pronunciation can be confusing, but phonograms can help!

What are phonograms?

Phonograms are groups of letters that represent specific sounds. For example, the -igh phonogram often represents the long “i” sound, so “high” is pronounced the same as “hi.” 

Why practice pronunciation with phonograms?

Phonograms can help you see patterns in the relationship between English pronunciation and spelling. They also help you practice the same sound with different sounds before it (like cat, rat, fat, bat, etc.)

What about exceptions?

Many students complain that English spelling and pronunciation is so irregular. It’s true – for example, ough can be pronounced five different ways! In Part 1 of this lesson, we’ll learn the 36 most common basic phonograms, and in Parts 2 and 3 we’ll learn more advanced phonograms and exceptions.

Ready? Let’s go!

Pronunciation Practice


attack, back, crack, snack, track, unpack


fail, mail, tail, trail, railroad, sailboat


main, rain, plain, Spain, train


bake, cake, make, earthquake, snake


came, game, name, same, flame


can, fan, ran, plan, tan


bank, drank, thank, sank


map, nap, clap, strap, wrap


cash, crash, rash, mash


cat, hat, rat, flat, that


ate, hate, late, plate, state


law, jaw, raw, draw


day, may, say, stay, play


meat, beat, seat, cheat, repeat


bell, sell, tell, smell, yell


best, guest, rest, chest


ice, rice, nice, slice, twice


kick, pick, quick, thick, trick


ride, wide, pride, slide


light, night, right, flight, bright


bill, fill, will, skill, still


in, skin, thin, twin


fine, mine, nine, shine


king, ring, spring, thing, bring


pink, sink, drink, stink, think


lip, rip, chip, trip, skip


hit, fit, sit, quit, split


rock, sock, clock, shock, knock


joke, broke, smoke, spoke, woke


top, drop, shop, stop, crop


more, wore, score, shore, store


got, lot, not, shot, plot


duck, stuck, truck


bug, hug, drug, shrug, thug


bump, dump, jump, pump


junk, sunk, shrunk, trunk

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Pronunciation Practice with Phonograms - Part 1 Espresso English

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