Pronunciation Tip #1 – Master the sounds of the English language

I’ll never forget my WORST pronunciation mistake when I was learning Portuguese.

It was VERY embarrassing: 😱

  • I wanted to say: “Eu gosto de água de coco”
    (“I like coconut water”) 🥥
  • But I said: “Eu gosto de água de cocô”
    (“I like poop water”) 💩

The problem is that these two words are different by only one sound!

We call these MINIMAL PAIRS, and there are a lot of them in English, too.

For example:

  • it / eat
  • ship / chip
  • wait / wet
  • bad / bed
  • ice / eyes
  • free / three
  • they / day

If you want to have great pronunciation, you need to master these small differences between sounds and words.

You would definitely NOT want to confuse beach (an area near the ocean) and bitch (a VERY offensive word for a woman)!

The American English Pronunciation Course has a lot of listen-and-repeat exercises that will help you pronounce every sound in the English language correctly.

You can try the first lesson for free to see what it’s like!

Tomorrow, you’ll learn how the “music” of the English language can help your speaking sound more natural!

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