Pronunciation Tip #3 – How to speak fast & continuously

If you’re trying to improve your pronunciation, you should pronounce each word very carefully and clearly, so that you can say it perfectly… right?


Native English speakers don’t actually do this. Instead, natural spoken English “links” the words together.

This is why spoken English often sounds “fast.” Three or four words can get connected together and sound like one word. (That’s why listening is difficult, too!)

To make your English faster and more continuous, practice these connections.

For example:

  • “How are you feeling today?”
    Really sounds like: “Howrya feelin’ today?”
  • “I’m going to have lunch.”
    Really sounds like: “I’m gonna-avlunch.”
  • “Where did you get your hair cut?”
    Really sounds like: “Wheredja getcher haircut?”

These are just a few of the most basic examples. You’ll find MANY more phrases and more advanced linking techniques in my Pronunciation Course.

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Tomorrow I’ll send you one of the best tips for improving your accent – I use it with my private students all the time! It’s challenging even for more advanced students, but it’s extremely effective.

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Pronunciation Tip #3 - How to speak fast & continuously Espresso English

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