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English is full of silent letters

The English language has a lot of silent letters. Silent letters cause difficulties for both native speakers and English learners, because they make the spelling of words different from their pronunciation.

Here are some common English words with silent letters from A to Z!

Silent A

artistically, logically, musically, romantically, stoically

Silent B

climb, comb, crumbs, debt, doubt, numb, subtle, thumb, tomb

Silent C

acquire, muscle, scissors

Silent D

Wednesday, sandwich, handsome, edge, bridge

Silent E

hate, name, like, breathe

Silent F

(no words)

Silent G

sign, champagne, gnaw, high, light, reign, though, through

Silent H

honest, ghost, heir, hour, what, whether

Silent I


Silent J

(no words)

Silent K

knead, knife, knight, knock, knot, know

Silent L

would, should, calf, half, salmon, talk, yolk

Silent M


Silent N

autumn, column, condemn, damn, hymn, solemn

Silent O


Silent P

corps, coup, pneumonia, psychology, receipt

Silent Q

(no words)

Silent R

(no words in American English. However, British English has some silent Rs)

Silent S

aisle, island, debris, apropos, bourgeois

Silent T

asthma, ballet, castle, gourmet, listen, rapport, ricochet, soften

Silent U

colleague, guess, guard, guide, guilt, guitar, tongue

Silent V

(no words)

Silent W

answer, sword, two, whole, wrist, write, who

Silent X

faux pas

Faux pas is a word of French origin. It means a “social mistake” or “inconsiderate action in a social situation.” Example: “Not inviting his mother-in-law to the party was a serious faux pas.”

Silent Y

(no words)

Silent Z


Rendezvous is another word of French origin, meaning “a meeting or appointment at a specified time and place.” Alternatively, it can mean “place of meeting.” Example: “Bob and I have planned a rendezvous this weekend so that our families can get to know each other.”

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