Silent Letters in English: Pronunciation Practice

There are a lot of silent letters in English! Here’s some pronunciation practice with a few examples:

Do NOT pronounce the B in debt, doubt, or dumb:

doubt anyone would be dumb enough to forget about their credit card debt.

Do NOT pronounce the CH in yacht or the GH in bought or straight:

After they retired, my parents bought a yacht straight away.

Do NOT pronounce the D in Wednesday or handsome:

I met a handsome guy on Wednesday.

Do NOT pronounce the G in foreign, campaign, or cologne:

Our marketing campaign is advertising foreign cologne.

Do NOT pronounce the H in honest, hour, or ghost:

I spent an hour alone in the house, and I honestly saw a ghost.

Do NOT pronounce the K in know, knee, or knife:

I didn’t know that I’d cut my knee with a knife.

Do NOT pronounce the L in half, folks, or could:

I talked to some folks who could pay half the bill.

Do NOT pronounce the P in receipt or psychology:

I got a receipt from my psychologist.

Do NOT pronounce the T in whistle, buffet, or bouquet:

We whistled when we saw the buffet and the bouquet of flowers.

Do NOT pronounce the TH in asthma or the T in ballet or wrestle:

Her asthma prevented her from doing ballet or wrestling.

Do NOT pronounce the W in answer, sword, or towards:

He didn’t answer my question, but instead pointed his sword towards the door.

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Silent Letters in English: Pronunciation Practice Espresso English

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