What does AIN’T mean, and when do we use it?

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What does the word “ain’t” mean, and when do we use it?

Ain’t is an extremely informal (some people would say incorrect) word for isn’t, am not, or aren’t.

You might hear ain’t in songs, like Bon Jovi’s “This ain’t a love song” (This isn’t a love song).

It can even mean there isn’t / there aren’t, like in the lyric “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” (There isn’t any sunshine when she’s gone)

If you have a friend who is hoping to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, but you very much doubt this will happen, you could say: “That ain’t gonna happen.” (which means, in more formal/correct English, “That isn’t going to happen.”)

Ain’t should only be used in VERY INFORMAL situations… and even then, most people don’t use it too frequently.

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