When do we use ANYMORE vs. ANY MORE?

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Our final student question this month is when to use anymore (one word) vs. any more (two words).

Anymore (one word) refers to time and means “any longer” or “at present.” Here are some examples:

  • I used to run a lot, but then I injured my knee, so I don’t run anymore .
  • Prices have gone up; you can’t buy a carton of eggs for $1 anymore. (you could in the past, but not anymore, not at present)

Any more (two words) refers to quantities or things:

  • Do we have any more cookies? – I’m asking if there’s some additional quantity of cookies in the house.
  • I lent you $100 last week – I’m not giving you any more money. – You will not get an additional amount of money from me.

Well, this concludes our “ask me anything in August” series – I hope you’ve enjoyed it! – and do keep those questions coming because I love to use them for lesson ideas.

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When do we use ANYMORE vs. ANY MORE? Espresso English

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