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Learn Slang & Informal English… Easily!

It can be frustrating if you have a good level of English and you can understand newspaper articles and texts…

…but when you watch a TV show, a movie, or listen to native English speakers, you get lost when they use slang and idioms that you’ve never heard before!

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Want to sound more like a native English speaker?

One thing that can really help you speak more fluently is learning collocations (the typical combinations of words that native speakers use naturally).

When you make mistakes with collocations, the other person will usually understand you – but your English won’t sound “natural” – because it’s different from the way a native speaker would say it.

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Speak English more confidently!

  • Do you get nervous when speaking because you’re worried about making mistakes?
  • Do you have difficulty with correct grammar and sentence structure when you speak?
  • Do you want to perfect your spoken English?

Now you can learn to avoid the most common errors that English students (from beginners to advanced) make when speaking – and learn to speak English more like a native speaker. PDF e-book, 68 pages.

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