10 Common English Mistakes with Prepositions

Prepositions can be very challenging, even for advanced English learners!

Today I’ll teach you 10 of the most common mistakes students make with prepositions.

Mistake #1

Is there a soccer game tomorrow?
It depends of the weather.
It depends on the weather.

Mistake #2

We discussed about the issue.
I’m considering about joining a club.

We talked about the issue.
I’m thinking about joining a club.

Mistake #3

I like to exercise in the night.
I like to exercise at night.

  • in the morning
  • in the afternoon
  • in the evening
  • at night

Mistake #4

Let’s meet on next Monday.
I got a promotion in last June.

Normally we use on for days and in for months:

  • Let’s meet on Monday.
  • I got a promotion in June.

EXCEPT with last/next:

  • Let’s meet next Monday.
  • I got a promotion last June.

Mistake #5

He’s married with a journalist.
He’s married to a journalist.

My sister is divorced with her husband.
My sister is divorced from her husband.

Mistake #6

The team lacks of organization.
(Lack as a verb does not use “of”)

Lack as a noun:

  • I hate the lack of organization.
  • The project failed thanks to our lack of organization.

Mistake #7

I spend a lot of money in clothes.
I spend a lot of money on clothes.

But: spend time + -ING

  • I spend a lot of time reading.

Mistake #8

Are you angry of/to/for me?
Are you angry at/with me?

  • Angry ABOUT a topic
  • Angry AT/WITH a person

Mistake #9

I’m going in Italy soon.
I’m going to Italy soon.

Use “in” for BEING in a city or country. But after “go/come,” always use “to.”

  • I live in Italy.
  • I’m in Rome right now.
  • When are you coming to Italy?
  • They went to Rome last week.

Mistake #10

I graduated at/of university in 2005.
I graduated from university in 2005.

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