10 English Phrases for Apologizing and Responding to Apologies

Do you know what to say when someone says “sorry”? Learn how to apologize in English, how to accept an apology, and how to respond to “I’m sorry.”


5 English Phrases for Apologizing

When you do something wrong or make a mistake, use these English phrases for saying “I’m sorry.”

  1. I’m sorry that… [ex. I was so rude yesterday]
  2. It’s my fault.
    (= I am taking responsibility for the problem)
  3. Oops, sorry.
    (for very small problems)
  4. I should have… [ex. called you and told you I’d be late]
  5. (formal) I apologize for… [ex. the delay]


5 English Phrases to Respond to an Apology

When someone says “I’m sorry,” here are phrases you can use to accept the apology and respond.

  1. That’s OK.
  2. It happens.
  3. No problem.
  4. Don’t worry about it.
  5. I forgive you.
    (for serious problems)

Now you can say you’re sorry in English… and you know phrases to respond to “I’m sorry.”

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