10 English Phrases for Changing Your Mind

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#1 – I changed my mind.

This is the simplest way to say that in the past, you had one opinion or decision, but later you changed it. For example, “I was going to buy a car, but then I changed my mind and bought a motorcycle instead.”

#2 – I’ve had a change of heart.

A “change of heart” is different from “changing your mind.” A “change of heart” refers to changing your feelings, attitudes, or behavior – usually to be more positive. For example, “The boss told us we would have to work on the holiday, but then he had a change of heart and gave us the day off.”

#3 – Hang on a minute / a second.

Use these phrases to tell the other person to wait. They are often used when you are debating a decision, and you need a little more time to think.

#4 – On second thought…

Use this phrase to introduce your final opinion or decision, which you believe is better:

  • “Let’s go to the mall this afternoon.”
  • “OK.”
  • “On second thought… it’s probably going to be really crowded because it’s Friday. How about we go the movies instead?”

#5 – On/upon reflection…

Use this phrase to say that you have given special thought/consideration to the decision before changing it. For example, “I was thinking of becoming an engineer, but upon reflection, I decided that teaching would be a better career choice for me.”

#6 – After further consideration…

This is a more formal phrase used to say that you have given additional consideration to the situation, and changed your opinion or plan. It can be used in business English: “We appreciate your taking the time to prepare the proposal, but after further consideration, we’ve decided not to continue this project.”

#7 – He convinced/persuaded me to…

Use this phrase when another person influenced your decision. For example, “I was planning on traveling to Mexico, but Dan convinced me to go to Costa Rica instead.”

#8 – I’m not sure what I was thinking when I…

Use this phrase to say that your previous decision/opinion was not logical. For example, “I’m sorry, I really don’t have the time to help organize the event. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said yes.”

#9 – I did a 180.

The expression “do a 180” means to completely change your opinion or feelings – to the opposite position. For example, “I used to make fun of people who don’t eat meat, but after learning more about the subject, I did a 180 and I’m now a vegetarian myself.”

#10 – She tends to be fickle.

Describing a person as “fickle” means that the person is indecisive or changes their mind a lot. It’s a person who isn’t strong in their decisions.

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