10 English Phrases for Encouraging Someone

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#1 – Keep up the good work!

Say this when the person is doing well, and you want them to continue. (“Keep up” in this case means “continue”)

#2 – That was a nice try / good effort.

Use these phrases after the person didn’t succeed, and you want to help them feel better.

#3 – That’s a real improvement / You’ve really improved.

Use these phrases to say that the person is making good progress.

#4 – You’re on the right track.

Use this phrase when a person is close to the answer / close to success, but hasn’t reached it yet. “On the right track” means that they are going in the correct direction.

#5 – You’ve almost got it.

Use this phrase when a person is coming VERY close to succeeding.

#6 – Don’t give up!

The phrasal verb “give up” means to desist, to stop trying – so you can say “Don’t give up!” to encourage a person to continue trying.

#7 – Come on, you can do it!

Use this phrase to emphasize the person’s ability to succeed. You can say this to a person who has low self-esteem or has difficulty believing they can succeed.

#8 – Give it your best shot.

“Your best shot” means “your best try” – so this phrase is used to encourage someone to do their best.

#9 – What have you got to lose?

This question is used to emphasize the fact that if the person doesn’t succeed, there won’t be any negative consequences – so they should make an effort.

#10 – Nice job! I’m impressed!

The phrase “nice job” means that the other person did something good (it is not related to their employment or profession). You can also add “I’m impressed!” if the person’s success surprised you in a good way.

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