10 English Phrases for Good & Bad Luck

  1. Good luck!
  2. Better luck next time.
    (say this after someone fails, and you hope they do better next time)
  3. Just my luck!
    (this is a sarcastic phrase meaning that something UNLUCKY happened)
  4. Lucky you!
  5. That was a stroke of luck.
    (= a sudden event of good luck)
  6. Some people have all the luck.
    (say this when someone else is constantly lucky, and you feel like you’re not lucky)
  7. As luck would have it…
    (= by chance)
  8. He’s down on his luck.
    (= he’s having a long period of bad luck or difficulty)
  9. No such luck.
    (= something good that could have happened, didn’t happen)
  10. What rotten luck!

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