10 English Phrases for Talking about Price


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#1 – That’s a bit steep / pricey.

Use these phrases to say that something is a little bit expensive.

#2 – It cost a fortune / an arm and a leg.

Use these phrases to say that something was VERY expensive.

#3 – I’m paying through the nose.

This is an idiomatic expression that means you’re paying too much for something, and it’s painful. For example – “I’m paying through the nose to park my car in a private garage in New York City – it’s $600 a month!”

#4 – That’s a little outside my budget. / I can’t afford it.

Use these phrases to say that you don’t have enough money to buy something.

#5 – That’s quite reasonable.

If you describe a price as “reasonable,” it means that you think it’s a fair price for what you will receive.

#6 – It’s 20% off.

The word “off” in the context of price means it’s a discount.

#7 – I got two for the price of one. / It was buy one, get one free.

Both the expressions “two for the price of one” and “buy one, get one free” are common phrases used to describe a special offer when you buy one product at normal price, and get another one of the same product for free.

#8 – It was a real bargain.

You can use this phrase to describe something that was a VERY good price for the value; like you can’t believe you received so much for the price you paid. This expression can be used for any amount – for example, buying a $50,000 car for $10,000 is “a real bargain,” and buying a $100 shirt for $10 is also “a real bargain.”

#9 – I got it for a song.

This is an idiomatic expression that means you bought something for a very low price.

#10 – It’s dirt cheap.

Use this phrase to say that something is extremely inexpensive. For example, if you can buy lunch for $1, that is dirt cheap!

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