15 English Phrases for Being Rich and Poor

  1. He’s short on cash.
  2. He’s broke.
    (= he has no money)
  3. His bank account is overdrawn.
  4. He’s just scraping by.
    (= he is just barely surviving on little money)
  5. He makes minimum wage.
    (= he earns the minimum salary)
  6. He’s pinching pennies.
  7. He’s scrimping and saving.
  8. She’s very wealthy.
  9. She’s quite well-off.
  10. She’s loaded.
  11. She’s filthy rich.
  12. She inherited a fortune.
  13. She’s making a killing.
  14. She’s raking in the cash.
  15. She’s rolling in dough.

#6 and #7 express the idea that the person is trying to conserve money, when they have very little money.

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