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If you want to speak fluent English, you want to go beyond the common adverbs and learn some more advanced ones! Today you’ll learn 30 advanced adverbs + examples of how we use them in sentences.


  • Definition: In a reluctant or resentful manner (like you don’t really want to do it)
  • Example sentence: He did the dishes begrudgingly, complaining that it wasn’t his turn to clean up.

30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English


  • Definition: Doing something in a very obvious, open way, without trying to hide it.
  • Example sentence: The politician was caught blatantly lying about his involvement in the scandal.


  • Definition: In a way that is unpredictable or impulsive, without careful thinking/planning.
  • Example sentence: She doesn’t bother following a budget; she just spends all her money capriciously.


  • Definition: In a secretive or hidden way.
  • Example sentence: She tried to eat her cake clandestinely so her kids wouldn’t ask for a bite.

30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English


  • Definition: In a way that concludes/finalizes the issue.
  • Example sentence: The judge’s decision definitively ended the long-standing legal dispute.


  • Definition: In a strange way that causes discomfort.
  • Example sentence: His sudden change in behavior was disconcertingly out of character.


  • Definition: In a way that is not balanced
  • Example sentence: The wealth in this country is disproportionately distributed, with a small elite owning most of the resources.

30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English


  • Definition: In a way that requires little or no effort.
  • Example sentence: She ran the race effortlessly, making it look easy.


  • Definition: In an amazingly bad or shocking manner.
  • Example sentence: It’s egregiously unfair when men get paid more than women for doing the same job.


  • Definition: Extremely, far more than one would expect
  • Example sentence: He’s had an exceedingly successful career and is now the CEO of a huge company.


  • Definition: Expressing something in an honest and direct manner
  • Example sentence: Frankly, I think this behavior is unacceptable.


  • Definition: In a fast, nervous, urgent way
  • Example sentence: I was late to work because I spent 10 minutes frantically searching for my car keys.

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30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English

Download lesson PDF + quiz


  • Definition: Done quickly and without much thought/preparation
  • Example sentence: She wrote the report hastily and it was full of errors.


  • Definition: Done without intention, or without realizing it
  • Example sentence: He crashed his car when he inadvertently hit the gas instead of the brakes.


  • Definition: Continuously, without stopping
  • Example sentence: I couldn’t concentrate on my studies because my neighbor’s dog was barking incessantly.

30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English


  • Definition: Definitely, without a doubt, cannot be argued with
  • Example sentence: She is indisputably the most famous actress in the country.


  • Definition: In a way that is not effective or successful
  • Example sentence: He tried ineffectually to clean up the spilled red wine.

30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English


  • Definition: Always, without exception
  • Example sentence: My parents are invariably punctual, arriving on time for everything.


  • Definition: In a way that is contrary to what one might expect, often with a humorous or sarcastic twist.
  • Example sentence: Ironically, the fire station burned down while the firefighters were away on a call.

30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English


  • Definition: In a very thorough, careful, and detailed manner
  • Example sentence: She cleaned her house meticulously, leaving no corner untouched.


  • Definition: Apparently or seemingly true based on what is observable (but may not be true in reality)
  • Example sentence: He does volunteer work ostensibly to help the community, but what he really cares about is making himself look good.


  • Definition: Mainly or primarily, having the greatest influence or presence.
  • Example sentence: The country’s economy is predominantly reliant on tourism.


  • Definition: In a deep or significant manner; with great intensity or seriousness.
  • Example sentence: The death of her brother affected her profoundly.


  • Definition: In great quantities
  • Example sentence: I was sweating profusely after exercising in the summer heat.

30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English


  • Definition: In a determined and persistent way, without pause
  • Example sentence: He pursued his goals relentlessly, working day and night to achieve his dreams.


  • Definition: In an ashamed or embarrassed manner
  • Example sentence: He apologized sheepishly for his inconsiderate comments.


  • Definition: Occasionally, not consistently
  • Example sentence: The weather forecast says it will rain sporadically during the week.


  • Definition: In a manner that celebrates victory, success, or achievement
  • Example sentence: The fans danced triumphantly when their team won the championship.

30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English


  • Definition: When a group is in complete agreement
  • Example sentence: The factory employees unanimously decided to go on strike for better working conditions.


  • Definition: With great enthusiasm, passion, and dedication
  • Example sentence: He zealously defends his opinions on politics.

I hope you’re studying English zealously! Can you write your own sentence with each of these adverb examples? Remember to download your free PDF with all these words, definitions, and sentences.

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30 Advanced Adverbs + Examples Espresso English

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