5 Phrases for Saying Something is Easy

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1. It’s a snap. / It’s a breeze. / It’s a cinch.

These are informal expressions for saying something is easy.

2. It’s a piece of cake. / It’s easy as pie.

Two more phrases for saying something is easy – you can remember them because both cake and pie are very easy to eat!


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3. It’s as easy as ABC.

Learning the alphabet (also called the ABCs) is one of the first things children learn when they are 3 years old. So if something is “as easy as ABC,” it means it is very simple.

4. It’s not rocket science.

This phrase is often used in a sarcastic way. “Rocket science” is considered difficult, so saying that something is NOT rocket science means that it is not so difficult.

5. I could do it with my eyes shut.

This phrase is used when you want to boast about your own ability, saying that you can do something without even looking.

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