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1. Will this program work for me? What level is it?

The Complete Program is designed to improve all the areas of your English.

In order to be a fluent English speaker, you have to master all the different skills – so that includes grammar and vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Inside the Complete Program, there are courses and books that will help you improve every single one of those skills. I really designed it to be very comprehensive so that you can improve all the different areas of your English.

As for what level it is – it is approximately intermediate. But some of the courses in the program are a little easier and others are significantly more difficult.

So I’ve had students in the pre-intermediate level take this program, I’ve had students in the intermediate level, and students who are upper intermediate and advanced – because the program really covers a wide range of levels and there will be something to learn, review, and improve for everyone.

The best way to find out if the program is right for you and if it’s a good level is to take the free sample lessons. This is the best way to experience the lessons for yourself and see if you like them.

2. What order should I take the courses in?

There are 13 courses and 5 e-books inside the Complete Program, and you can really do them in any order because each one focuses on a different area of the language.

But if you’d like a suggestion, when you join and you log in, there is a suggested study guide that you can follow if you want, which will take you from the easier courses up through the more challenging ones.

You will see that study guide after you sign up for the program and you log in.

3. How many lessons are there in the program?

There are more than 600 lessons in this program total. So that’s enough for more than a year and a half of English study if you take a lesson every day!

The good news is there is no time limit, so you will have access to these lessons permanently. You can take as much time as you need, and after you finish you can always go back and review the lessons if you want.

4. Is there a time limit for finishing them?

There’s NO time limit and NO repeating payments; you’ll pay once and then have access to the Complete Program permanently!

5. What kind of help will I get inside this program?

Many of the courses include homework that you can send in for feedback, and a member of the Espresso English teaching team will reply with comments and corrections.

So some of the courses have short answer questions – those are in the vocabulary course, the idioms course, and the phrasal verbs course.

There’s also feedback in the Advanced English grammar course and the Reading Course; those include writing tasks where you can send in a paragraph and get feedback from a teacher.

What about for speaking? Well, the speaking and pronunciation courses include the ability to send in recordings of yourself talking, so we’ll correct your pronunciation and any phrases, grammar, or vocabulary that could be improved.

This feedback is really valuable for students at any English level, whether you are more intermediate or more advanced. The opportunity to get direct feedback on your English from a teacher and a native speaker will benefit you a lot and help you correct any mistakes and improve your English speaking, writing, grammar and vocabulary.

6. Are there any live lessons in this program?

No, because this program is designed for self study.

It’s more convenient – there’s no need to schedule anything or to cancel if you have to miss a class. You can just log in and take the lessons anytime and when you send in your homework, our teachers will correct it within a few days and send it back to you.

But there are no live conversation classes inside this program. You can of course e-mail us any questions anytime you have them as you’re taking the lessons, and we will be happy to help you out!

7. Can I try the program before I buy it?


That’s why I made the free sample lessons available – just click here.

You can download a free sample lesson pack, or you can take them on the website so that you can really see what each course and each e-book is like. These free samples are directly from inside the program. And when you join it, you will get all 600 lessons.

8. How does this compare to other English learning options?

The Espresso English Complete Program is very convenient because you can study anywhere, anytime – without having to schedule anything or go anywhere!

And it’s a great deal considering how many lessons you get:

  • 1 year in a local English school = $1,000+
  • 1 year of daily private lessons = $5,000+
  • 1 year of intensive classes in an English-speaking country
    $10,000+ (plus travel and living expenses)

But you can get 600+ of my best lessons in the Complete Program for just $297 (this is a 50% discount from the total price of $600).

Note – I don’t believe there’s a “best way” to learn English. But when you find a way that works FOR YOU, then you should do that  🙂  So if you like my teaching, then don’t delay – join today to get the absolute best price on the Complete Program.

9. Can I pay monthly?

Yes! We now have the option to divide the payment of the Complete Program into parts.

Just choose which is best for you:

Option A: 3 monthly payments of $99 each

Option B: 6 monthly payments of $49.50 each

10. How can I pay? Is it safe?

Yes! The payments go through a secure connection that keeps your information safe.

You can pay for the course with a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

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Answers to common questions about the Complete Program Espresso English
50% Discount on the Complete Program