Collocations E-Book: Next steps for studying

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Option #1: 600+ Confusing Words Explained E-Book

This e-book will help you avoid the common mistakes that many English learners make with similar-sounding words.

I’ll make these confusing words simple, clear, and easy to understand – with examples so you can see exactly how they are used.

Option #2: 300 English Idioms Course

When you see a collocation, you can understand what it means based on the definitions of each individual word. But idioms are different, because you can’t just define each word… you need to understand the whole expression!

The 300 English Idioms Course will teach you many of the most common idioms in English. Each lesson uses a process of discovery to help you learn what these expressions mean and practice using them in your own English.

Option #3: Espresso English Academy (50% Discount)

You can get ALL my courses and e-books (more than 600 total lessons) at a 50% discount – and you can apply your credit from all the courses & e-books you’ve already bought to reduce the price even further!

Just e-mail me if you’d like to do this, and I’ll send you a special link.