Common Errors in English: See, Look, Watch

Don’t say: “I can’t look anything. It’s too dark.”

Say: “I can’t see anything. It’s too dark.”

Look, see, and watch are all actions you do with your eyes, but there are some small differences in the way we use each word:

Look is to direct your attention towards something. “Look” is intentional, and it is often used in this form: look + at + (object)

  • Look at the sunset – it’s so beautiful!

See is to perceive with your eyes, but it is not intentional (you don’t “try” to see, it just happens):

  • I saw a car accident while driving home from work.

Watch is to keep your eyes on something (usually something that is moving) for a long time. It is intentional.

  • I’m watching TV.
  • I watched the baseball game.

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