Sell vs. sale: What’s the difference?

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Wondering whether to use sell vs. sale? Should we say “for sell” or “for sale”? Learn the difference between sale and sell easily!

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Sell vs. Sale: Difference in Meaning

Sale is a noun, sell is a verb (simple present) and sold is the simple past and past participle form of sell.

Examples of SALE (noun):

  • There’s a big sale at my favorite store.
    (There’s a big sell)
  • The bookstore is having a Christmas sale – everything is 20% off. (=20% discount)
  • The sales of our new product are slowly increasing.
  • Espresso English always has an amazing Black Friday sale!

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Examples of SELL (verb):

  • I’m going to sell my car and buy a new one.
    (I’m going to sale)
  • She’s selling bottles of water at the football game.
  • Are you planning to sell your house anytime soon?
  • We’re selling our children’s baby clothes now that they’ve outgrown them.

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Examples of SOLD (simple past and past participle of sell):

  • Yesterday I sold all of my old college textbooks on the internet.
    (Yesterday I saled / Yesterday I selled)
  • My kids set up a lemonade stand, but they haven’t sold any yet.
  • He was named salesperson of the year because he sold the most products.
  • They’ve sold almost all their possessions and are now traveling full time.

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For SELL or for SALE?

“For sell” does not exist. The correct phrase is “for sale,” meaning something is available to buy:

  • There are lots of vegetables for sale at the farmer’s market.
  • Are those flowers for sale, or are they just decorations?

FOR sale or ON SALE?

If something is for sale, it is available to buy. If something is on sale, it means the price is discounted:

  • This watch is normally $100, but it’s on sale for $70.
  • All the summer stuff goes on sale in May; you can find some great deals.
  • Espresso English courses are always for sale (available to buy), but they all go on sale (discounted price) during Black Friday!

Sell vs. sale: Pronunciation

Let’s finish this lesson by practicing the pronunciation of sell and sale, since some English learners have trouble differentiating the sound.

Sell rhymes with tell, bell, and well.

Sale rhymes with fail, pale, and nail.

Now you know when to use sell vs. sale vs. sold, as well as the expressions “for sale” (meaning available to buy) and “on sale” (meaning available to buy at a discounted price).

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One last thing, why don’t you go ahead and try to write 3 correct sentences using sell, sale, and sold?

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Sell vs. sale: What's the difference? Espresso English

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