Comparative Adjectives in English

What are comparative adjectives?

They are words like bigger, faster, and more interesting. We use comparative adjectives to compare two things. In this lesson we’ll see lots of comparative words with example sentences.

Comparative Adjectives in English Espresso English

Phil is older than Ben. Ben is younger than Phil.

Comparative Adjectives:
One-Syllable Words

Add -er

Tall Taller
Old Older
Fast Faster
Long Longer
New Newer
  • My new car is faster than my old car.
  • I’m older than my brother.
  • Traveling by bike takes longer than traveling by motorcycle

Comparative Adjectives:
Words that end in consonant + vowel

Double the last letter and add -er

Big Bigger
Hot Hotter
Thin Thinner
  • An elephant is bigger than a cat.
  • Brazil is hotter than Sweden.
  • My sister is thinner than me.

Comparative Adjectives:
Words that end in consonant + y

Remove -y and add -ier.

Easy Easier
Happy Happier
Busy Busier
  • Reading English is easier than listening.
  • Maria is happier than Dave.
  • People today are busier than in the past.

Comparative Adjectives:
Words with 2+ syllables

Expensive More expensive
Popular More popular
Interesting More interesting
  • A car is more expensive than a computer.
  • Michael Jackson’s music is more popular than country music.
  • Watching a movie is more interesting than studying grammar.

Comparative Adjectives: Irregular

Good Better
Bad Worse
Far Farther
  • Eating fruit is better for your health than eating hamburgers.
  • Cancer is worse than the flu.
  • One mile is farther than one kilometer.

Don’t forget than!

  • An elephant is bigger a cat.
  • An elephant is bigger than a cat.

More examples of comparative adjectives

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Comparative Adjectives in English Espresso English

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