English phrase of the day: Bang for your buck

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Hello! Are you ready for another phrase of the day? This one was from a TV show where a couple wanted to buy a house with a limited budget (a limited amount of money), and they were frustrated that the houses near the city center were so small. The real estate agent helping them search for a house told them, “You can get a lot of bang for your buck if you’re willing to consider neighborhoods that are a little farther away.”

This expression, a lot of bang for your buck, means a lot of value for your money. In the context of the TV show, if the couple looked at a different neighborhood, they could get a bigger house with more space for the same price as the small houses downtown.

What’s something you think gives a lot of bang for your buck – excellent value for its price? Try to use every phrase that I teach you in your own examples, because this will help you remember the expressions. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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