English phrase of the day: Beat yourself up

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Hello! Today’s phrase of the day is very relevant to English learning. It’s from a TV show about high school students, and in the show a boy was especially sad and upset because he failed a test. His older brother told him, “Hey, don’t beat yourself up.” To “beat yourself up” means to criticize yourself extra-strongly and feel extremely guilty and bad about something you did, or about some failure or mistake you made.

So in this scene of the TV show, the older brother was telling the younger brother NOT to do this – “Don’t beat yourself up” means don’t spend so much negative energy criticizing yourself after a failure.

That’s my message for you students today – please don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes in English! Mistakes are normal when learning anything new, and most of the time your mistakes aren’t even that bad – so I don’t want you to beat yourself up by feeling really bad about English mistakes. Instead of beating yourself up, just learn from the mistake and move on.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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