English phrase of the day: Come back to bite you

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Hello students! I heard today’s phrase of the day in a discussion about being careful what you post online. Someone said that teenagers and college students shouldn’t post pictures of partying, drinking lots of alcohol, or acting in indecent ways. He said, “Those pictures could come back to bite you when you’re looking for a job someday.”

If something comes back to bite you, it means a past situation causes problems later. If a guy posts lots of pictures in which he is drunk with alcohol, maybe later when he’s looking for a job, the potential employer will see those photos and get the impression that he is irresponsible (not responsible) and then choose not to hire him. So the drunk photos he posted in the past came back to bite him at a later time.

Another example would be, let’s say you treated some people badly in the past. Many years later, you are involved in politics and you are a candidate for the mayor of your city. Now that you are a public figure, the people who you treated badly might tell the media about your poor behavior in the past -and this damages your image. Your past bad behavior has come back to bite you.

Try to think of your own example when something has come back to bite you -or think of an example where you’ve seen this happen to someone else. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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English phrase of the day: Come back to bite you Espresso English

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