English phrase of the day: Do the trick

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Hi there! Are you ready to learn another phrase of the day? This one comes from a situation where there was a sound system that wasn’t working. A guy who has some technical skill was examining the sound system, and he noticed that one of the switches was on the wrong setting – so he changed the switch and said “That should do the trick” and then the sound system started working.

This expression, do the trick, means to accomplish what is needed. It can be used in the case of fixing something broken – another example is if you’re having computer problems, sometimes restarting the computer will do the trick, will succeed in fixing the problem. It can also be used for something that will succeed in being useful. If your recipe for dinner calls for oil, but you don’t have any, sometimes butter will do the trick – it will succeed in filling the need in the recipe.

That’s all for now – thanks for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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English phrase of the day: Do the trick Espresso English

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