English phrase of the day: Give me your word

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Hello students! This phrase of the day is from an action movie. The good guy was pointing a gun at a bad guy who was trying to hurt his family, and the good guy wanted to resolve the situation in a non-violent way, so he said “I’ll put the gun down and walk away if you give me your word that you’ll stop coming after my family.”

This expression, “give me your word,” means “promise me.” The good guy was asking the bad guy to promise to stop trying to hurt his family.

If you lend your friend money and she says, “I’ll pay you back next week. I give you my word,” it means she’s promising to pay you back next week.

A related phrase is describing someone as a man of his word or a woman of her word – this means the person does what he/she promises; the person can be trusted and you can depend on him/her to do what they say they will do.

So today you learned two phrases – give someone your word, meaning to make a promise to that person, and a man of his word or a woman of her word, describing someone dependable. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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