English phrase of the day: Hit it out of the park

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Hello and welcome to another phrase of the day video!Today’s expression is hit it out of the park. I saw it in a cooking competition, where there was an activity in which the participants were divided into two teams that had to compete against each other. They interviewed one guy and asked him what he thought about his team. He said he was confident that the team was full of talented people, and that they would hit it out of the park.

To hit it out of the park means to perform extremely well. It is used to describe doing something not just good, but especially excellent. This phrase comes from the sport of baseball -if a player hits the ball out of the park (the ball literally goes so far that it lands completely out of the area of play), it’s the best possible thing, and the team automatically scores at least one point, maybe more.

So the expression, hit it out of the park, is used more generally to describe any exceptionally good performance.

That’s all for today. I hope that the next time you have to use English in your life, you hit it out of the park! Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another phrase.

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