English phrase of the day: Making the rounds

Hi everyone! Today’s phrase is making the rounds. Let me give you an example of how I’ve used it recently. Someone asked me if I’d read a particular article, and I’d already seen that article shared by several people on social media. I replied, “Yeah I have, it’s been making the rounds on Facebook.”

If a piece of information is making the rounds, it means it’s being distributed and circulated around a lot of different places. Another example is this -last year there was a warning about some contaminated medication for kids. The warning was making the rounds among parents -parents were distributing and circulating the information to each other.

We can also talk about a person making the rounds, and this means a person is going and visiting various places. It’s often used for a visit that’s sort of obligatory, as opposed to visiting a place for fun. For example, a pizza delivery person who has five pizzas to deliver in one area would make the rounds in that neighborhood -go from house to house delivering each pizza. A doctor in a hospital might make the rounds by visiting each patient and checking on them.

Got it? Thanks for joining me to learn today’s phrase of the day -come back tomorrow for another one!

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