English phrase of the day: Up for grabs

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Hi students! Today’s phrase of the day is up for grabs. If you say something is up for grabs, it means it has not yet been claimed, reserved, or taken by anyone – so it is available for someone to get, take, or buy. Let’s say you’re at work and someone brings in a pizza for everyone to share. After everyone eats some pizza, there’s one slice left. You could say, “The last piece of pizza is up for grabs – who wants it?”

In that case the slice of pizza was free to take, but you might also see “up for grabs” used when items are for sale – for example, a toy store might publish, “These limited-edition action figures are up for grabs.” – it means they are available for sale so anyone can buy them.

This phrase can used when there is a giveaway with some prizes being awarded to random people. For example, a radio station might say “We have two tickets to the rock concert up for grabs – call in for your chance to win!” – in this case the tickets are available for anyone to receive, but the winner will be chosen randomly.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the expression “up for grabs.” See you in the next lesson!

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English phrase of the day: Up for grabs Espresso English

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