English word of the day: STAMINA

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Welcome to our special series called Word of the Day in May. This week we’re focusing on nouns, so you’ll learn one noun every day.

Stamina: Pronunciation

Our first one is STAMINA. Let’s practice pronouncing it: STAM-in-a. Stress on the first syllable.

Stamina: Meaning & Examples

Stamina refers to physical strength to keep going and keep being active, WITHOUT stopping or giving up because you’re tired or things are difficult.

If you want to run a marathon, that’s a very long race, you’ll need to have stamina – you’ll need to have strong muscles and lungs to keep running for such a long distance. If you get sick with the flu, that would decrease your stamina – it would make you lose energy and you’d be tired, without enough strength to do everyday activities.

English word of the day: STAMINA Espresso English

To run a marathon, you need stamina, meaning strength and endurance over time

The word stamina is typically used to refer to physical strength and endurance, but sometimes we also talk about mental stamina, meaning having a strong mind and strong will to persist for a long time despite difficulties. To become fluent in English, you need mental stamina, because the process takes a long time, so you need to keep your thoughts and desires for this goal strong.

Try to put this word into practice by writing a sentence about someone you know who has great stamina, whether physical or mental. And tune in tomorrow for our next word of the day!


English word of the day: STAMINA Espresso English English word of the day: STAMINA Espresso English