Grammar E-Books: Next steps for learning

When you finish the Basic & Intermediate Grammar E-Books, what should you study next?

These are my suggestions:

Option #1: Everyday English Speaking Course

Do you want to learn how to speak English in daily life? This course is for you! It will teach you practical phrases for traveling, shopping, eating at restaurants, socializing, and many other situations that we experience every day.

This is our most popular course at Espresso English  🙂

You can try free samples here:

Option #2: Vocabulary Builder Course

If you often speak with pauses and hesitations because you’re trying to think of the right word, then you might need to improve your vocabulary.

Each level of this course will teach you 1,000+ useful words, so that you will be able to express yourself better in English. The course also includes quizzes and short-answer exercises to help you practice and review the new vocabulary.

Option #3: Advanced English Grammar Course

Want to continue learning English grammar? The Advanced Grammar Course is the next step.

The lessons will help you master the more advanced aspects of using the English language, with clear and straightforward explanations of even the most complicated topics.

Option #4: Espresso English Academy (50% Discount)

You can get a 50% discount when you buy ALL my courses and e-books – more than 600 total lessons!

The Espresso English Academy will help you improve all the areas of your English – speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, phrasal verbs, idioms, and much more.

When you join the Espresso English Academy, you’ll get instant access to the lessons online – and I’ll also send you a bonus USB drive with everything downloaded.