I / my / me / mine / myself ?

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If you’re confused by the words I, my, me, mine, and myself, you’re not alone!

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you the quick and easy difference between them.

I and ME

is the subject – the person who does the action in the sentence.

  • I gave John the book.

Me is the object – the person who receives the action in the sentence.

  • John gave me the book.
    OR: John gave the book to me. 
Most people get confused when there are multiple subjects or objects in the sentence, but the rule is still true:
  • Dana and I saw Jim at the party.
    Dana = subject
    I = subject
    Jim = object
  • The teacher called Sarah and me.
    The teacher = subject
    Sarah = object
    me = object


Use my before the word, and use mine after the word:

  • Paul is my friend.
  • Paul is a friend of mine.
  • Those are my glasses.
  • Those glasses are mine.


The word myself is used in two cases:

  1. As a reflexive pronoun – when “I” is both the subject AND the object
    • I gave myself a haircut.
      (This means cut MY own hair)
    • I accidentally cut myself with the scissors.
  2. For emphasis – when you want to emphasize the “I”
    • I baked this cake myself!
      (I want to emphasize that I made it, and not another person) 
    • I know John was at the party because I saw him there myself.
      (I saw John at the party with my own eyes)
    • Give me the letter – I’ll deliver it myself.
      (I’ll deliver the letter personally)


The expression by myself means alone:

  • I went out to dinner by myself.

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Clear up your doubts about confusing words… and use English more confidently!

I / my / me / mine / myself ? Espresso English

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