I will travel, I’m traveling, or I will be traveling?

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Our question of the day is about the future in English: should we say:

  • I will be traveling next month.
  • I am traveling next month.
  • I will travel next month.

The two best options are “I will be traveling next month” and “I am traveling next month.”

We could also say “I’m going to travel next month.” Three correct ways for talking about future plans.

Why DON’T we say “I will travel next month”?

We tend not to use will + verb for established plans. We use this structure more for promises, offers, and decisions made at the moment of speaking:

  • “I’ll give you a ride.” (that’s an offer)
  • “I’ll have a large coffee.” (that’s a decision made in the moment)

So, what are you doing tomorrow? I’ll be making more videos!

Go ahead and write your own examples using one of these 3 future forms.

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