Is this mistake KILLING your English fluency?

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Being fluent in English – that’s the goal!

Many English learners study, study, and study…

⚠️ …but they never reach fluency.

Why not?

Let me tell you about an invisible “fluency killer” that affects LOTS of English learners.

And I’ll also teach you how YOU can avoid it!

I once had a student who I’ll call “Pedro.”

Is this mistake KILLING your English fluency? Espresso English

Pedro had studied English for many years, both in school and as an adult.

✅ He often got near-perfect scores on grammar tests.

✅ He knew a lot of words, and could read high-level texts in English.


❌ He couldn’t speak!

❌ And when it was time to write, he would “freeze,” because he was afraid of making mistakes.

The “killer” mistake that Pedro made was:

💀 He learned a lot ABOUT English –
but he hadn’t LEARNED TO USE English.

He knew the grammar rules. He knew the vocabulary.

But he couldn’t use English at all.

And so he wasn’t fluent, even though he had studied for many years.

That’s a lot of wasted time 😔

Is this mistake KILLING your English fluency? Espresso English

When you learn a language, there are two components: INPUT and OUTPUT.

INPUT is what you “take in” – the textbooks you read, videos you watch, podcasts you listen to, courses you take, teachers who explain things to you.

OUTPUT is what you “produce” in English – your own speaking, your own writing.

And if you only have input, and never practice output, it DESTROYS your fluency!

You’re only learning “about” English, not learning to use English yourself.

🔑 Today’s key tip:
Make sure you balance input and output.


Here are some suggestions:

  • Every time you learn new vocabulary… go ahead and write your own sentences with those words.
  • Every time you listen to a teacher… try repeating after him/her to practice your pronunciation.
  • Every time you study a grammar structure… use it yourself in at least 10 phrases.

And if you can get feedback on your output – someone to tell you if you’re doing it correctly or incorrectly – that will improve your fluency even faster. ⚡⚡⚡

👉 That’s why many courses in my Complete Program include homework that helps you USE the English you’re learning:

  • Short-Answer Questions in the Vocabulary Builder Courses, Phrasal Verbs Course, Idioms Course, and Advanced Vocabulary and Collocations Course
  • Speaking Tasks in the Everyday English Speaking Courses
  • Pronunciation Evaluations in the Pronunciation Course and Shadowing Course
  • Writing Tasks in the Advanced Grammar Course and Reading Course

AND you can send us your homework to get comments from our teaching team!

Many students say this personalized feedback is the best part of the courses. 🤩

Interested in both learning AND practicing your English, with feedback from a teacher?

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Now you know how to avoid the “fluency killer” of too much input and not enough output.

Make sure you avoid it!

Is this mistake KILLING your English fluency? Espresso English