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Hello students, it’s Shayna, your teacher at EspressoEnglish.net, and today’s phrase of the day is: “have the time of your life.” This expression means to have an amazing experience that you enjoy very very much.

For example, my kids have always wanted to go to Disneyland. So, “When we went to Disneyland last summer they had the time of their lives.”

More examples:

  • We’ve always dreamed of going to Hawaii, and we’ve booked a flight for September. I’m sure we’ll have the time of our lives!
  • Sarah went to a show by her favorite band, and she had the time of her life singing along to every song and dancing in the crowd.
  • I absolutely love hiking and camping, so when I had the time of my life when I went backpacking across the country.

A similar expression is “have a blast,” meaning to have a wonderful, fun, enjoyable experience. For example, last weekend, I got together with my friends and we had a blast watching silly comedy movies. It means, we had fun, we enjoyed it, we had a good time. “Had a good time” is another way to describe an enjoyable experience.

More examples:

  • The birthday party was so much fun – everyone seemed to have a blast with the games, music, and laughter.
  • had a blast at my high school reunion; my friends and I reminisced about all the good times.
  • Mark and his friends decided to go on a spontaneous road trip, and they ended up having a blast exploring new places.

You can also use the phrase “have a good time” to wish that somebody will have fun, especially just as they are about to leave. For example, if your coworker is going on a boat trip next weekend, you can say “Have a good time!” when he leaves on Friday, or if your son is going to a party with his friends from the soccer team, you can tell him “Have a good time!” as he walks out the door.

More examples:

  • We went to the amusement park and had a good time riding roller coasters, playing games, and enjoying delicious snacks.
  • Everyone was having a good time at the comedy show, laughing at all the jokes.
  • Come on, don’t just stay inside all weekend – let’s go to the holiday market, we’ll have a good time.

So those are our phrases for today; “have the time of your life,” meaning to have a wonderful experience that’s very enjoyable, “have a blast” which also means to have fun, have an enjoyable experience, and “have a good time,” which you can use to hope or wish that somebody will have a good time or experience as they are about to leave and go have that experience.

I hope you’re having a good time learning spoken English from my videos!

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Have a Blast: Meaning, Examples, Similar Phrases Espresso English

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